Evaluation of EPPs by teachers

Indicator 5 measures how teachers perceive the quality of their Educator Preparation Program. The data represents the data through the 2022-2023 school years.

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About The Survey

The teacher survey is administered between the beginning of April and mid-June at the end of the school year. The survey is delivered using the Qualtrics survey platform. The population of new teachers is determined using Teacher certification and employment data, which come from the Educator Certification Online System and the fall collection of the Public Education Information Management System. This roster is loaded into Qualtrics and an email containing a link to the survey is sent to the teacher. Teachers are required to complete all questions in the four required sections of the survey. Additionally, if the teacher indicates that they worked with Students with Disabilities or Emergent Bilingual Students, those additional sections are displayed and are required to be completed by the teacher.

Following the close of the teacher survey data collection period, the data is retrieved from Qualtrics, cleaned, processed, and disseminated. The results are used as ASEP Accountability Indicator 5. To learn more about the individuals, assessments and calculations included in this dataset, refer to the 202218-202319 ASEP Technical Manual.

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