Principal Appraisal of the Preparation of First-Year Teachers

ASEP Indicator 2 represents the percentage of candidates marked "Sufficiently" or "Well Prepared" based on a survey sent to Principals rating their beginning teachers' level of preparation.

The data listed below represents the survey administered at the end of the 2017-2018 school year. Use the bars on the dashboard to sift through data. Information can be filtered by EPP name, Certification Type, Gender or Ethnicity.

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About The Survey

The principal survey is administered between early April and mid-June at the end of the academic year. Principals log in to TEA's Educator Certification Online System (ECOS) to complete the survey. Within the survey, the principal verifies that the teacher is teaching in the area(s) for which they were prepared by the EPP and that the teacher was employed for at least 5 months in the reporting period. If the principal does not verify these two statements, the survey is not collected.

The survey tool requires the completion of all questions in the four required sections of the survey. These are Classroom Environment, Instruction, Technological Innovation and Technology with Data. Additionally, if the principal indicates that the teacher worked with students with disabilities and/or students who are English Language Learners, these sections are displayed. If these sections are displayed, the survey tool requires them to be completed. Following the end of the principal survey data collection period, the data is retrieved from ECOS, cleaned, processed, de-identified, and posted online. Teachers on standard, intern, and probationary certificates are included. Teachers who are teaching under an emergency permit are excluded.

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